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Visiting Nurse service of New York

June 29th, 2011

Visiting Nurse service of New York is a non-profit making organization which provides Hospice, therapy palliative and nursing services to New York patients at home regardless of their backgrounds and ages. Visiting nurse service of New York knows how stressful it is to care for a sick loved one. As such, this experts team provides tips on how to give home care to patients and elderly persons. This should be done without interfering with their normal routine.

Visiting Nurse Service Of New York

Visiting Nurse Service of New York provides home health care services of the highest quality regardless of your situation or that of your loved ones. It also does not matter where they are and how they want to have the services offered. New York visiting nurse services are designed to make patients experience the best services. The team does this by staffing its call center throughout the day and nights, embracing the latest and most sophisticated technologies and offering a wide range of services to patients and seniors.

Thus, Visiting Nurse service of New York has always provided home health care to patients and elderly whenever they need them, regardless of where they are. Their services go beyond ordinary care for elderly parents to offering assistance in making of elderly people dietary. Visiting Nurse service of New York also guide patients and elderly especially those diagnosed with congestive heart failure and diabetes. The team helps such people change their lifestyles, care for woulds or change surgical dressing after operations and also take appropriate physical therapy. This is made possible because Visiting nurse service of New York has necessary knowledge, resources and expertise to ensure patients and elderly gets the right care.

As such, this team of experts ensure that people or patients who have been ordered to take health care from home by their doctors do not have to worry much about it. People with patients at home do not have to take offs from work every now and then in order to take their elderly loved ones or patients to hospital. Visiting nurse service of New York will provide all the services needed at home. These services range from companionship and meal preparation to rehabilitation therapy and bathing.

Visiting Nurse service of New York has ensured protection of families, patients, staffs and caregivers through establishment of a board. The institutional review board set up in 1999 comprises of lay persons and professionals. It monitors, approve, and review behavioral and biomedical research. This aims at protecting welfare and rights of subjects involved in the research. In its research and service delivery, Visiting nurse service of New York has partnered with institutions such as University of Pennsylvania school of Nursing, Medical college of Wisconsin and Weill-Cornell medical college and Cornell-Ithaca. These and other institutions have assisted the team in carrying out research effectively.

Research shows that people who receive home health care services are elderly persons with more than one disease. This requires regular and more than one medication and physical activities. Providing these services to such people can be hard for some people. However, with guidelines, services or recommendations from Visiting Nurse service of New York, this can be easy.